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4 июн 2012 [SCAN] Panzer General: Allied assault или Russian Assault.
 Panzer General: Allied Assault is a quick playing game of WWII tactical / operational combat using a unique blend of cards and a board game. The game takes
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 Links · Testimonials · Miniatures · Supplies · Policy & FAQ · Google Panzer General: Allied Assault Board Game Petroglyph Games Shermans, Stuarts, Priests, Howitzers, 105mm Guns, Paratroopers, Panzer Grenadiers, and more! Product
 17 Aug 2009 SAN FRANCISCO – August 13, 2009 – Today, Ubisoft announces it will be releasing Panzer General®: Allied Assault on Xbox LIVE® Arcade
 Panzer General: Allied Assault is the name of both a digital and board/card Allied Assault is set in the closing months of World War II and has players play as
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 Allied Assault is no longer available for purchase. CLICK HERE to select another game. Map Data. Map data ©2017 Google, INEGI. Map DataMap data ©2017
 Panzer General: Allied Assault e um game de estrategia que mistura elementos de jogos de cartas colecionaveis com jogos de tabuleiro. Tudo com uma